Desert Noises

Desert Noises are four adventurers from Utah Valley in a state of perpetual motion.

Solidifying their line up in 2011—Kyle Henderson, Tyler Osmond, Patrick Boyer and Brennan Allen—hit the road for the better part of two years traversing the country on back-to-back tours. An exhilarating and bold...

SQE Music Is Closing

Over the past five years, we have steadily grown our roster of talent by offering musicians, songwriters and employees a new and refreshing vision for the music industry – one based on an artist-centric business model. It has been an extraordinary journey, and we have done some fascinating work. We hope that our efforts here can inspire future organizations to offer their artists the absolute flexibility and transparency we’ve endeavored towards since day one.

We would like to thank our fantastic employees for their dedication to SQE over the years and all of our artists for their faith in our efforts and willingness to join us on this journey.